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I make and sell textile figures. Currently I have a selection of figures which are designed to be hung on a wall or from a hook or door handle - they make good 'Do Not Disturb' hangers!  Note, they are not toys. I also do a range of decorative fridge magnets.

Green Walk

Past events:

May 2018 - Craig at Fishink did a great write up of the Green Walk event this year on his blog.

May 2017

May 2016

Stockport Art Gallery

Past event:

Winter 2015/16

I trialled selling a couple of figures in the shop at Stockport Art Gallery, which is a lovely, community focused place and worth a visit. Both my figures sold really quickly. I hope to have more work there as soon as I can. 

Bee Magnet

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ARC Bazaar November 2016



ARC, Greg Street, Reddish, Stockport


My textile figures made an appearance at the ARC (Arts for Recovery in the Community) Christmas Art Bazaar, alongside a lovely collection of work by local artists and makers. 

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